Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

20 Jul

What a beautiful thing, to find a place of peace and calm in a world full of chaos and busyness. This week I had the privilege of spending a few days “up at the lake.” A place where the only electricity (a new addition) are a few solar panel charged batteries, and the only water for washing is found in the lake down the hill.

Summer 2015 011

While the smell of the outhouse, and the flashing solar lights placed as a type of nightlight, are definitely an assault with my sensory disorder, it may just be worth the exchange for having so few neighbours and even less traffic.

We spent our days reading, swimming, kayaking, and playing card games. The expression of pure contentment on my dog’s face filled me with joy. And last night, sitting by the lake watching the fish jump, and the bats catch their nightly meal, was the calmest I have felt since I can remember.

For someone who has spent a lifetime feeling out of place, overwhelmed, and fearful of the world surrounding her, this experience has truly been a gift.


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