Searching For Hope

20 Jul

“I’d like to make a proposition,”

Said the young girl to the big old man,

Who had watch’d her life become nothing.

“If you believe in me,

And listen to the saddened words I speak,

Even if what I am saying makes no sense at all,

I will become all you want me to be.”

He stopped walking, turned to her, and replied,

“Child, if the sun in your world stays up past noon,

And the seas you sail on welcome you,

But do not lure you in.

If the thunderstorms you walk through set you free,

And the north star guides you home,

You have already become all I ask you to be.”

So the young girl went home and sat on her willow tree,

To think about what the man had said.

And suddenly,

For the first time in her life,

The young girl smiled.


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