To My Firstborn, My Baby, My Child

20 Jul

Someone inside is crying for you

She is screaming at someone to stop the pain

She is fighting hard to reach you

To give you the kind of life she never had

Someone inside loves you

She feels your joy and pain

Like rays of sunshine on her face

Or a thousand drops of rain

Someone inside wishes you well

And reads you the stories you long to hear

She sings you to sleep – a quiet lullaby

And holds you close… so close

Someone inside could give you the world

An explosion of dreams come true

She would play with you all day

And always be there for you.  Always.

Someone inside is broken

Into a thousand pieces she needs to be fixed

From a world you will hopefully never know

She will heal

From inside she chips away

At the mask that keeps her trapped

Someday she will be free

And you will finally meet…

Your mother.


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