My Autistic Traits: Personification

21 Jul

Dolls and stuffed animals are among the possessions that I have collected throughout my life. It isn’t that I collect any that I see, or spend a lot of money on this collection, but the ones I have kept are very important to me.


While I know that many adult women collect and display dolls and stuffed animals, I believe there is something in this specific to my autism which should be shared.

Although other women collect dolls, I tend to personify the dolls and stuffed animals I have. While it may look the same from the outside, many people do not know that when I accidentally drop one of them (such as the ones on my bed when I am sleeping) I will apologize to them for it. If I make clothes for one, or move another to a better spot, I will feel like the others feel left out.

The thought of using one of them to make a craft, such as by cutting parts off, fills me with disgust as if they were a live creature. To see other people tossing them around, or pretending to beat them up, leaves me wondering about the character of that person.

I do know that such things are not real, I do see that reality, but I cannot get past these thoughts that lead me to treat them as if they were real.


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2 responses to “My Autistic Traits: Personification

  1. Sarah

    May 28, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    Hi there,
    I find your blog on personification so interesting. I am currently undergoing Masters in Special Needs and Inclusive Education. It is blogs like yours that have inspired me to investigate personification and autism. Can you please fill in my survey to further help support my research. Your participation is highly appreciated:

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