Autism: Matching Career to Personality

31 Jul

For years I have been researching online, and through books from the library, to find a career that would be a good fit for me. The online tools, being geared to NTs, have always left me feeling frustrated.  They never took my weaknesses, and needs into account, and so would have top results that I knew would never work for me.  Sometimes they would share results that I would initially be excited about, but would find they were a horrible fit when I tried working in that area (such as construction.)

Today I found online job interest tools on a site geared for people with special needs.  It has several quizzes to help determine strengths and weaknesses, interests, and environmental demands.  Many of these need to be printed off (I just listed them on another program on my computer.)

You can find that site here:

After taking all of these quizzes, the job descriptions page lists a detailed description of each job, including the type of environment, working hours, and educational requirements. My conclusion was that the best jobs for me are as follows:

  1. Writer/Photographer – the writing is my top interest, and the fact that I am able to do this from home, on my own hours makes it the best fit for me.  I believe adding pictures to my blog makes it more interesting to look at, but I am not good enough at it to make it a full time career.  I like writing my blog, writing my novel, and even writing my journal (which I continue to do every day.)  The determining factor for this would be income.
  2. Filing Clerk – if I have to go out to work, this would be the job for me.  It is repetitive, and predictable.  The job itself would cause low anxiety, it would mainly be the leaving home part that I would fight against.  It basically takes all that I was good at with my last job, but takes out the part where I had to deal with people, and answer phones, that strongly increased my anxiety.  I do think this would be a good fit if I could get the time off when I needed it.
  3. Office Clerk – for much the same reasons that the filing clerk job would be a good fit, this one would as well – that is as long as answering phones, and dealing with people was not part of the job description.

I believe that the environmental section made all of the difference in being able to fully visualize what the job would be like, and how good of a fit that would be for me.  This tool has helped me to see the areas I should be looking into when I consider what to do when my Medical EI runs out.  I am thankful for having found this website today.


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