Welcome Home My Children

20 Aug

This is a poem that I wrote for my three children before they were placed in my home for adoption.  While the adoption failed after 3 years with us, my love and prayers for them remain constant.


I do not expect you to love right away

Or even to feel the desire to stay

When you lie in your bed I won’t ask you to say

Lord thanks for the way I was brought here today

Does it hurt when you cringe as I draw you near?

Do you crave the love you so painfully fear?

My child does it scare you when I shed a tear

For the loss you have suffered to bring you here?

When in anger you threw the toys down on the floor

Stomped down the hallway and slammed the door

Reminded me less of a child than a boar

Did you think I wouldn’t want you anymore?

Though you push me away with all of your might

Break our things, hit your friends, and give me a fright

Grasp for control and hold on tight

Still I will stay by you for I know it is right

At night when you’re lonely as you could be

Frightened of things in your dreams you will see

Will you turn to the one I love? – Jesus is He

Right beside you through all of your life He will be

Years from now as you look back on our care

Will you be able to say, “yes the Lord’s love was there”?

Will the years in our home help you to bear

The life that so often seemed terribly unfair?

When you grow will you know of the depth of the love

That permeated your life from above?

Of God the shepherd seeking His little lost sheep

And leading you home; forever to keep

God loves you, and so do I.


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