Tea Cozys and Birthdays

03 Sep

My husband’s birthday is next Thursday, so obviously I can’t post this until then (it is currently Friday, August 28th). Because I am not working, I am also unable to bring myself to buy any extras – including birthday presents.

I wanted to get him a tea cozy for his gift, as his old one is warn, stained, and has holes. While I have made him gifts in the past, I am quite slow in sewing and knitting, and am not particularly good at it. I do very much enjoy sewing and knitting, it is just that I am not very good at following written instructions to learn how to become more advanced in these areas.

My husband works at the local thrift store. He does get paid a bit for this work, but is also given store credit each month to cover overtime that he often does. With that store credit, we buy a lot of our clothes, furniture, and other items that we might need. Once a month they have a three day “bag sale” where we are able to fill up a grocery bag full of items for the flat price of $2. They also sell a regular sized garbage bag full for $6, or a larger garbage bag for $8. When we had all of our children, we used to fill up large garbage bags full of clothes and some toys (I did have a lot of toys already from running my daycare) for them nearly every month. It was great.

We still mostly get clothes, books, and blankets during the bag sales, but I also go through their fabric scraps and pick out fabrics that I really like. I keep them in a large bin, and sometimes when I have the urge to sew, (almost always in the fall and winter) I go through the scraps and pick what I feel would look best with the project I have in mind.

That is what I did today. I decided to make a tea cozy instead of buying one. I made the design simple, as I am not really good at anything complex, and slightly copied the design of the one we already had. I took some beautiful fabric that I had found, and lined it with a waffle weave towel for insulation (I don’t have any batting, or anything like that, so had to be inventive. I did wash the fabric to shrink it before using, so I think it should be okay.)

While I did see some patterns I could have printed out from the Internet, I am better at just doing things from sight. I look at pictures for inspiration, but I have to visualize it in my mind before I can follow through, and it is easier for me to just go from my head to the project than to go from a plan, to my head, and back to the material – for some things, anyway.

Once I started, I completed the project pretty quickly. I think it took less than an hour, and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

My husband is the tea drinker in our family. Until we were married, I might have had tea only a few times a month during the colder seasons. I have learned to appreciate it since, however, and now if we have less than 2 big mugs a day, I miss it.

He has really enjoyed our old tea cozy that I bought him as a gift shortly after we were married (nearly 12 years ago.) I think he will also like the one that I made him today, and that he will appreciate it being homemade. I feel good about the gift I will be giving him this year, though it really didn’t cost me any money to make it.


I am thankful that the man that I married isn’t materialistic, and that he is so supportive of my attempts to be creative. Today I am very thankful that I was able to do this small thing for him.

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