Restless Wanderer

15 Sep

A few nights ago, I had a feeling of sadness wash over me, and was suddenly inspired to write this poem.  So I wrote it.  It didn’t take long, but I do like it.  That hasn’t happened a lot in recent years, but seems to be coming more often in the past couple of months.

I am a restless wanderer

On a path I do not know

The world is quickly going past

But I am moving slow

What would I give to turn back time

And live those years again

I know I failed the first time through

But wouldn’t keep the trend

To look ahead is fearful

To look behind is sad

To stay in place reminds me

That the things I’ve done were bad

I feel I’m good for nothing

But I’m told that is not true

They’re working now to change my thoughts

So that I’ll believe it too

I hope for better days ahead

Than I have left behind

Then maybe I can let it go

This shame that fills my mind

I know that as a child of God

I should not feel this way

But often the heaviness is too much

And my thoughts begin to stray

I cannot do this alone

This life that breaks my heart

So I will pray to the One who knows

And hope He’ll never part.

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Posted by on September 15, 2015 in Poetry: My Creative Outlet


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