Things That Make Me Happy

30 Sep

The sunshine is streaming through my window onto the plants that my husband brought me for my birthday.

None of us are very good at picking out gifts for other people, but every once in a while something is chosen that is just right. We try. We really do – it is just not something we are good at. My oldest foster son was good at this. He would go to a children’s shopping event, and come out with a terrific gift for each person. I don’t know how he did it. It has always been so hard for me.

My birth son has taken to making cakes for us on our birthdays. It is his gift to us, and highly appreciated. As my birthday also fell on his night to make supper this year, he also did that for me, and did a wonderful job. This year I got a roast chicken dinner, and cherry cheese pie for my dessert. Both were delicious.

He doesn’t know how, but he always tries to make these days special for us. Typically this means setting aside his time to give to us, which he knows is what I want most of all. This year I asked him to walk with me along the nature trail. Maybe it is something we try to do most weekdays from the fall through the spring (since he had to do some physical activity throughout his school years as part of his graduation program, this became the activity of choice, and I chose to follow along.) That didn’t make it any less special.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, the day of my birthday was dark and rainy, and I was feeling exhausted. To take this break when the rain let up, and go on this walk with my son – who despite his Aspergers is very capable of thinking of others on such occasions – was such a treat for me, it left my heart swelling with pride over the kind of man he is becoming.

The rest of the day followed its typical pattern, and I did not expect to receive anything more than a “happy birthday” from my husband. He doesn’t always buy us gifts – I don’t think it is that he doesn’t think about it, but more that he doesn’t know what to get, and that becomes stressful.

What a wonderful surprise it was, then, when he came home with two beautiful plants for me. From what he said, I gather they were brought in as a donation to the thrift store where he works at the end of his shift that day. It doesn’t matter. He saw them, and he thought of me, and I love them!


Every time I look at them, especially at times like these where the sun is streaming onto them through the window, I feel happy, hopeful, and content. I love things that grow.

Sometimes it is the little things that really brighten up my day, and I would just like to say to him, “Thank you.”


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