Autism: Adjusting to the Time Change

05 Nov

It is 6:30pm, and already I feel like it is time for bed. Is this really the way time is supposed to be? It seems so dark, so early.

We have already had our supper, drank our tea, and took our dog for his walk. Normally it is closer to 8pm when we have completed these routines, but it is time change week.

Despite my medication, I was up by 8am. I won’t complain about that – however, I was then wanting lunch around 10. I held off, but it was still just after 3 when I started wanting supper. Forget the hour we gained, it feels more like two.

For some things, I see the connections really fast – if a child will always fall apart after a certain event, I will anticipate it, and cringe. The connections between food and behaviour were so ‘loud’ to me, it was a wonder that others couldn’t see it. I know that dark days leave me feeling drained and depressed.

So many patterns are so clear to me – but the changing of the time, like the number of days in a month, took me many years to figure out.

Spring ahead, fall back. Spring ahead, fall back… it has been the same every year, but it always takes me by surprise. Which way do we go again? Spring ahead, fall back.

I think I was nearly 30 before I could remember that. The change is still hard on me.

It is dark, and though it isn’t yet 7pm, I want to go to bed.

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Posted by on November 5, 2015 in Autism: Reality


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One response to “Autism: Adjusting to the Time Change

  1. kazst

    November 5, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    The clocks don’t change where I currently live, which is something I’m very grateful for. I think the whole thing is a stupid idea anyway. Lots of people struggle with it, and I fail to see any benefits.

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