Autism: Patchwork Projects

24 Nov

It has been an immensely satisfying day for me! I feel better than I have in quite a long time. It isn’t that I am better, but I felt better, and that is a step.

Yesterday I had to bike downtown to get my written contact prescription from the eye doctor (who agreed to provide the prescription, despite being nearly two years old – thank you.) so I decided to visit the thrift store for their bag sale as well.

I love the thrift store! Have I mentioned that before?

When I worked in the motel, I would have people traveling from out of town, and asking about the thrift store they had heard such good things about – it is that good.

Anyway, I went to the thrift store, though I really wasn’t in need of ‘new’ clothes, as I had got a couple of bags last month. Still I was able to fill up two bags with sheets and pillow cases and such.

Then, as I was walking past a bin, I saw a Hug-a-bunch doll. When I was a child, I loved these dolls, but never did get one. I collect them now. I have 2 with pink hair, 1 with purple, and yesterday I found a brown one. I was sooo happy!


I also got a rag scarf, which I know from when I had my children is good for sensory issues – so into the bag it went.


As I was standing in line at the back till, I saw two bins full of wallpaper. It is always there, but I rarely get any as what is the point of having only one roll of a pattern? However, there were several rolls that caught my eye, and I thought they would make good shelf liner. I got about 7 rolls, plus 6 rolls of border. The wallpaper didn’t match, but it was pink, and it was pretty. There was even a blue patterned sheet of contact paper. Into the bags they went.

Quite a good deal for $4 – which I didn’t even have to pay, as my husband gets store credit in addition to his salary.

When I got home, I was incredibly achy. I am not use to biking so much – especially since my bike was stolen a couple of years ago, and my husband only brought me home a ‘new’ one a couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t think that after that I would be up for anything today, but when I woke up, I felt I absolutely had to start on my shelf lining project – which turned into a remove the doors, and repaint the cabinets and counter top day as well.


Obviously I didn’t get the entire kitchen done today, but I did get a section done, and I am very pleased with myself for it.


It is a big deal for me to do projects around the house. As I know that I am unable to meet the standards of other people, I won’t work on my house unless I feel I am going to stay.

As I have moved so much in my life, it is very difficult for me to feel settled anywhere, and I spend a lot of my time looking for my next ‘home.’ I think it is kind of like children with attachment issues seeking out their next family, and it is a compulsion I have had most of my life – only for houses instead of people.

I like the work I do on my house. I love the way it turns out, and I very much enjoy doing it. The thing is, however, I know others wouldn’t appreciate my work as I do – my home is more like a patchwork quilt than a well thought out design – and I like it that way. Because others won’t like it, though, and because my energy is always so low, I won’t put work in a home when I feel I am going to be leaving it.

Today, however, it has been nice to feel anchored. I haven’t felt that in years. I am thankful that for no money at all (we had the paint and rollers at home already) I was able to create such a transformation in my kitchen.

I almost didn’t want to stop to write my blog, but – the paint needed to dry.


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