Argh, Finn, Noooo!

26 Nov

Sunday wasn’t a great day. It should have been. For all intents and purposes, it should have been. It was a day of much needed rest, church, movies… nothing really bad to set me off, but off I was.

Church was good. Okay, it was great, really. The message was very good. The worship team was amazing! I felt led closer to God, to praise, to worship, to sing, and pray, and draw close. It was a good experience.

And then things went bad. My skin itched – like hives, or mosquito bite level of itchiness, though I had neither. My scalp itched. I was irritated both physically and emotionally. My clothes were twisted, or wrinkled, or out of place… My hair wasn’t tidy, though I brushed, and brushed. My eyes were itchy. My nose was itchy.

The floor was dirty – Sundays are not my cleaning days. The couch cushions kept moving out of place. The blanket was twisted, no matter how many times I tried to fix it.

I was just off. It was a bad day.

Supper was greasy and fried – it was not my night to make. I can’t eat like that anymore, it upsets my stomach. I felt sick, and bloated, and smelled like fried food.

Bad, bad day.

Monday I started painting again, though I didn’t want to. Can’t this project be done already? But Thursday is coming fast, and things needed to be finished; so I started painting.

Once I began, I enjoyed it. Painting is fun – especially when I am not concerned about “painting in the lines.” It is my kitchen, after all.

The first coat was dry mostly on time for everyone to have lunch. I planned it that way.

After lunch, I put the second coat on.

My husband had gone to the library to get my pile of books that I ordered, and I thought it would be a good time to clean – while I was waiting for the paint to dry…

Did I mention it had snowed last night? We had snow once before this season, but today there was quite a lot, and it stayed – so the cats were in.


I forgot about the cats.

I vacuumed the bedrooms without any trouble, and I didn’t think about them. My dog watched me from the bed, but decided he was safe, and stayed.

And then I did the hallways, and stairs. Still no trouble.

As I moved towards the living room, suddenly a streak went whizzing by me.

“FINN!!! Oh no, Finn, Noooo!!!”

She headed straight for the kitchen where the cupboard doors were drying on the floor, and I chased her – first one way, then the other… Mistake. She ran back and forth across those cupboard doors until she decided she didn’t know where to go, and plopped herself down right on top of them.


I even tried to pick her up, it was that exciting. Finn is our Siamese cat, who took years – and I mean years to settle in. She has sharp claws, and is quick to defend herself. I have only tried picking her up once before…

I think she is hiding under a bed now – blue paws and all.

So, back to painting I went. Those paw marks may never completely come off, they are deep in the wood.

And now I wait again for the paint to dry.

But I will not be vacuuming today!


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One response to “Argh, Finn, Noooo!

  1. kazst

    November 26, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    Oh no!! Actually, paw prints might make a nice pattern for kitchen cabinets, haha!

    Liked by 1 person


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