Autism: Frustrating Days

15 Dec

My head is pounding, and I am shaking pretty bad. It has been a very frustrating day.

I thought it would be an easy fix – though I have put off doing it for 8 years due to fears that I would do it wrong. I bought the parts yesterday, and read the directions thoroughly. It seemed simple enough, they even had easy to ‘read’ pictures…

There was nothing there to tell me that I would be spending my entire day on this little project… but it did.

My hands are cut up and sore.

My rubber gloves that I use most every day are covered with dirty wax, that seems it may never come off.

My clothes are dirty.

My muscles are sore.

And what have I to show for my effort? Okay, so the toilet isn’t rocking anymore. That was the entire point of the exercise, but that doesn’t mean that I did a good job.

The trouble? Concrete.

Now, I say concrete, and every time I hear in my head how other people constantly call it cement. Which then calls into my head my Residential Construction course, with my teacher yelling day after day, “What did you say!?!” It is concrete, okay. Cement is the powdery stuff you mix in.

Anyway, now that we have that out of the way… Concrete.

Turn off the water – done.

Empty the toilet of water – done.

Remove the bolts, and have help to lift the toilet off to the side – done.

Scrape the old wax seal, get the wax off the old flange (which was broken) – done.

Now I have a bit of confusion. The wax seal says to put it on the bottom of the toilet, and set that on the flange. The new flange says to put the wax seal over the drain, and screw the flange to the floor on top of that, setting the toilet directly on the flange (which has a rubber seal for the toilet.) I follow the directions on the flange.

And then I try to drill holes into the floor for the screws to go in.

The trouble is, I have neither a hammer drill, nor carbide tipped drill bits.

I have no vehicle to go out. The toilet is already off. Something needs to be done.

So all day I work at getting the holes in the concrete deep enough to screw the flange on.

So many broken drill bits. So many bent nails.

Finally, late in the day, I am able to screw three of the four screws secure enough in place (with wire added in the holes, as my teacher taught me, to strengthen the grip.) The fourth has a piece of aggregate in the way.

I call my son back, and we set the toilet back in place over the bolts – and it rocks. Bad.

The flange is too high – only it says in the directions it is supposed to be that high. I measured. It was supposed to be like that. What do I do?

The only thing I can. I get ceramic tile, and set it around the flange to raise the floor.

We put the toilet back on, and it doesn’t rock.

That is what we wanted, right?

I guess I’ll glue the tile down another day. Today, I am exhausted.

And after all of that, I come to write my blog, only to find I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera – and I haven’t got a micro USB to connect the camera to my computer – so I can’t even post the picture for my blog.

So, so frustrating.

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