Autism: First Jobs

30 Dec

My son has gone for his very first job this afternoon! Though it is temporary, and weather dependent – and he is just working with my husband – it is work, and he will be paid for it. I am so proud of him! Of course, I was proud of him before, but this is a step that was difficult for him… very difficult, as he had to leave the house, work outside, and do a job up to the standards of others (talk about anxiety provoking.)

He could have said, “no,” but instead answered the request with a, “sure!” Big, big step (though it may not look like that to others.)


My husband’s work is closed over the holidays, but they needed someone to go in and clean off snow, and bring in from the gates any donations that people left out there (though there are signs asking them not to, people will drop off items at the gate, which will then get ruined if left there.) My husband was the volunteer, and was told he could bring in a helper.

He could have brought in one of the guys he worked with, but he decided to give our son a chance. He will be paid minimum wage – but that is a lot more than he has ever been paid before!

It is a quiet job, with only the two of them there. He only has my husband to answer to, who will tell him exactly what needs to be done. It is probably the best situation for a first job for my son, who can follow through with minimal anxiety.

I am so thankful that this opportunity was presented to him. That my husband decided to give him the chance. That my son was open enough to accept (he is very often frozen with anxiety, and his first answer to a request is often, “no.”)

So because all of these things came together, he is now out in the snow and cold (while I sit typing under my warm blanket) working for his very first paycheck.

I am thankful, and I am so proud of him!

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One response to “Autism: First Jobs

  1. lenandlar

    December 30, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    I’m so happy for you. I’ve a 3 years old and I worry everyday if he’d be able to take care of himself when he is older. Parents worry I suppose.

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