Autism: Sound Therapy

11 Jan

It isn’t something I often do, and I am not sure why. I don’t think of it, I guess. Music just isn’t something that tends to call to me, and many types of sounds trigger sensory meltdowns. Yet when I find myself in a place where I have both the time and thoughts to sit down and listen, it has a profound effect on me.

The music has to be slow, soothing, quiet. I cannot handle the noise of fast or upbeat music much of the time. Classical music, nature sounds, quiet Celtic songs, thoughtful worship music… all of these bring calm that I can feel from my head to my toes, flowing over me like a warm shower, and I find peace there.

I could sit for hours listening to those sounds, and during particularly stressful times, I imagine they would help tremendously – yet I don’t seem to have the focus of mind to think of it then, and at other times, I just don’t.

Likely it would effect my entire well being to play the music frequently, and in the moment, which may happen every few months, that I am sitting there listening, all of me is calm. So rare it is for me to be calm, that I would think it would be something I would chose to do a lot – yet I don’t think of it.

And even when I do think of it, I tend to push it aside, and do other things… until I sit down, and listen, and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

I suppose this is one of the reasons to have other people in my life – to help me to remember all of these things that help me to be calm, during times I cannot think of them on my own. My husband is musically inclined. He plays the guitar, and flute, and sings as well. He also owns a record player with many records… yet since we were married, he has rarely played these things at home. I imagine he played something loud near the beginning of our marriage, and I complained due to my sensory issues, and he stopped all together.

I wish he hadn’t, though. I don’t remember complaining, but it sounds like something I would do if I were feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps if I had told him about how much I love classical, or quiet music, or was able to explain what caused me to feel that way… but words are hard for me, and talking is frequently impossible for me to do. So he stopped, and for many years, I have been wishing he hadn’t.

Well, now my son has entered the room to play Beatles Rock Band on the Wii. I think perhaps I will stop writing, and just listen.


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