Autism: Picture Day

08 Mar

Though I was only four years old, this day stands out in my memory. The room, the photographer, my brothers, my parents…

All they wanted was to get a nice picture of the three of us. It should have been quick. It should have been done. A nice picture, and out we go. But everyone was frustrated with me.

More than anything, I remember this. I couldn’t even smile right! And despite all of their coaching, I couldn’t get it right.

I don’t remember why I felt the need to keep my teeth covered, but under no circumstances was I going to allow them to be shown. So I covered them with my lips, and the three adults in the room tried all they could think of to get me to open my mouth in a real smile.

They went around a corner where I couldn’t see them to talk, then came back in to try again. They were not pleased with me – this I knew – but what could I do? What they were asking of me was impossible. I could not show my teeth. That I was sure would have been the ultimate in humiliation.

And so I kept my mouth closed, and everyone was frustrated, and they ended up just taking the picture anyway.

Personally, I think it turned out well!

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One response to “Autism: Picture Day

  1. NickyB.

    March 8, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    Great picture!

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