29 Mar

Spring has come again, and once more, my mind turns to gardening. Do I plant vegetables and herbs, or would it be best to sprinkle wildflower or country garden flower seeds? I know that my husband would prefer the latter, and it would be much easier (and prettier) to care for.

back garden

At the same time, I feel that in being at home, I should be doing something that saves some money, and provides food for my family (or for myself at least, as my husband and son are mostly meat and potato type guys.) Growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs, is something I always want to do, but there are few things I have been able to grow well.

Even those things I do grow well, often end up going to waste when my energy drops in the summer (due to the heat, and my strong grass allergy) and in the fall and winter (due to darker days.) I still have eight of the ten small pumpkins that I grew last year because, well, they are hard to cut through – so I have just been using the canned pumpkin from the store.

Flowers would be pretty, but…

If our backyard wasn’t on the north side of our house (and the hose bib was not under the deck, which fills with spiders in the summer) I would be happy to plant my vegetable garden in the back. But it does face north, and it is tiny.

Our front yard is just what I would wish my back yard to be – very large, bright, and easy to access. However, there is no privacy here, and our neighbours, with their landscaped yards, question and protest my attempts to live according to my own (admittedly very unusual) patterns.

Even so, spring brings with it a strong desire on my part to garden – and garden I will. It may not turn out well. I may not follow through on the harvest, depending on my energy levels next fall. But garden I must.

It is a drive that returns every year, and doesn’t let go, despite so many years of failing at this very thing. Perhaps this year will be different.


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