Autism: Imagination Pod

03 May

Pods. I think I may be obsessed with pods – though I hardly ever speak of them. I do find myself thinking of them. Designing with them. Longing for them even.

Especially when I am in bed, and struggling to sleep. Often I feel like I am going to fall off the bed. Sides would be nice – like a baby in a crib. Of course, it would have to be long enough that I wasn’t kicking the foot board. I also tend to feel like I am floating away. So some type of roof might come in handy. That would also help against the lights, smells, blowing air that are keeping me awake.

The pod I design for sleeping would have some sort of weighted retractable blanket. One that wouldn’t wrinkle, or fall off. One that was easy to put on, and quick to take off, even when I am sleeping on my stomach. The sheets would be easy to clean (because I love the smell of clean sheets) and tight! I cannot handle wrinkles in my sheets, yet they always seem to.

The temperature would be controlled, so that I never felt too cold or hot. The mattress would be soft, but not so soft that it hurt my back, or was hard to get out of. Speaking of getting out of it, it would have to open in such a way that I could get out easily. If I had to climb over it, I would likely just stay in bed.

Perhaps it would have a built in (quiet) sound system, so I could play white noise, or nature sounds (very quietly) to help me sleep. I can imagine myself lying in my pod, with those sounds, and in my mind, traveling to far off places.

Maybe it could have some sort of screen, like a virtual reality system, and along with the sounds, I could see myself traveling to other places, or being calmed by the sights and sounds of the forest, or an ocean…

Or the pod could move, and when I am not sleeping, it could become a virtual reality amusement park – complete with rides that feel like I am actually on them. And maybe it could have some sort of mild aromatherapy system, so I could be calmed by the smells as well as the sights and sounds. It would make the virtual reality system seem more real.

There would have to be room for me to stretch out, because my body aches when confined for too long – but not too much room, for I am comforted by small spaces. I would like it to be a place all my own, but maybe my animals could join me sometimes.

At night, I would worry about things such as fires, earthquakes, floods… my pod would have to protect me from these. Perhaps it would seal itself up in an emergency. Maybe it could even float. In these cases, I would want them for my family and pets, too. They would have to have their own, though, for it wouldn’t provide the comfort if I had to share mine. But maybe they would somehow cling together in an emergency.

Wouldn’t it be neat if my pod could also serve as a vehicle. It would have to have some sort of alternative energy source, like solar – but very reliable. I would want it to hover over the ground, rather than connect with it. I would want it to hover high enough that I would not be in danger of hitting animals. But then there are birds and stuff. It would need to be crash proof, I think, and maintain a certain distance between it, and anything else (trees, animals, people, cars, planes…)


If it was self-automated, maybe I wouldn’t be so afraid of traveling. It could take me across the country to visit my mom, and maybe I could rest, or do other activities while it was going. But then, it would have to blend in, or be invisible. I wouldn’t want anyone asking me about my pod, or trying to steal it, or…

It may not be something available, but I sure do dream of it a lot. My pod. The answer to so many of my struggles. How wonderful would that be!


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One response to “Autism: Imagination Pod

  1. violaswift

    May 5, 2016 at 9:14 am

    Sounds amazing! I’d love one of those too.

    Liked by 1 person


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