Autism: The Price of Inflation

07 Sep

Yesterday the plan was to go to the grocery store, list in hand (I don’t usually do lists, but we are camping next week, and I was trying to be prepared) pick up those items, and head to the thrift store for bag sale. Since gaining all that weight from medication I took last fall, I have yet to find outfits that I actually like much. It isn’t that I look a huge amount different, but that I don’t like the feel of the ‘new’ clothes, and so each month I have been going to the bag sale to try to find solutions.

The first problem came in that several items on my list were 200-300% more than I was expecting to pay! (Yes, I wrote that right. 200-300%. Ridiculous.) I can’t eat typical camping foods: Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, macaroni and cheese, eggs… gross! So, so gross. Even the thought is overwhelming my senses, and making me feel nauseous as I write. However, I have to find something that I can eat while I am away.

Egg allergy – that one is out. Dairy intolerance – okay, I will allow cheese, and maybe sour cream and yogurt. It will hurt, but it is easy. Besides, I often eat these anyway when I struggle to find foods. Not good, but okay. We have lots of cheese (like a whole section of our fridge full of blocks of cheddar.) I guess my husband found good sales. Gluten intolerance – this one is new. Extreme, but new… well, new in that I just tested it. The side effects were there for a long time.

I tried with the gluten one. I really did. I made cherry Lara bars, and grain free energy bars. Enough for the week, but only breakfast. I was really pleased about that, because last time I went camping, breakfast was especially hard. I am glad that breakfast is planned, but there is still lunch, and supper, and snacks, and… I ate a lot of wheat while camping. What do I do now?

Every extra burner used is more money on propane. Not cheap, and we are not close to a filling station up there – so most meals are made together. But I can’t. I just can’t do those typical camping foods for so many reasons. Even the vegan versions, are still plant based grossness! Oh, did I mention I don’t eat meat either? But I had to give in to something. Meat it was – just… when I say okay, I will eat meat, and then they proceed to make… well, I didn’t mean that meat! Okay. Clarify. For that week away, I will eat chicken, and bacon – because I like chicken and bacon, and only don’t eat them because of cruelty reasons (which is huge, but I am still plant based most of the year, and that is something.)

Vacation July 2016 014

So I went to buy chicken and bacon – but as I mentioned, 200-300% higher than I was planning to pay. Okay, I have heard of inflation. I will even admit that I struggle so much with inflation that it often takes me years to allow myself to pay the higher price, and by then it has likely increased again. But when I think I should be able to get bacon for $2 a pack, and it is now $6… well, I walked away. Same thing happened with the chicken.

What do I do now? I wondered. Check out the avocados. Again, $5 a bag, where a month ago I paid $2.50. I understand in season, but it is still summer after all. Someone has to have fresh avocados. No? Okay. I will make a salad. Small bag of pecans? I thought, maybe $3 – I didn’t need that many. But no. $6 for a tiny, tiny bag. $10 if I got the larger one, but still too much. Almonds? Outrageous since the drought in California – which seems to have been going for years. I used to get a kilogram for $10, but now that bag is $20.

And the thing is, I am not one of those “well, that is the price now, what can you do?” kind of people. I can’t pay those prices. I have a limit in my head on what things should cost, and I can’t go over it. Which means that my very limited diet becomes even more strict with every price increase – and I don’t do change well. So the market sets off an avalanche of problems for me, effectively making my well planned and thought out solutions (which take me a very long time to be okay with) impractical. Such is life with Autism. No change is good change, including inflation.


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2 responses to “Autism: The Price of Inflation

  1. kazst

    September 8, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    Ugh, yes, groceries are so expensive now, especially if you can’t eat the cheap, unhealthy, over-processed stuff. I am struggling with that right now too. Unlike you, I will pay the higher prices, but then I am shocked at the end of the month when I realize how much we’ve spent on groceries in total. Which is really stressing me out under our current circumstances, as I’m trying to figure out how long the money in the bank will last us if neither one of us finds another source of income right away. We do have money in the bank… we’re not poor… but I feel like we are poor because I don’t know when or from where the next pay cheque is coming. Of course, then I worry that God is angry at me for my lack of trust… and round and round my thoughts go.

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    • Walkinfaith925

      September 8, 2016 at 7:16 pm

      I don’t like living on savings. I am glad to have them, but not having an income is extremely stressful. Without it, I struggle to use that money in the bank – and with an income, I hope to not have to use it. I need it to stay there, because I have been extremely poor, starving, and unable to pay for rent or other bills before – and I can’t go there again. I do know what you mean.

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