Autism: Barefoot in the Kitchen

09 Sep

The best things seem to happen when they are unplanned. Not that I am a spontaneous person at all, or that I like surprises, or even that it is normal for me to do great things unplanned. It is just that sometimes, the planning itself is so… involved of an activity, that by the time I am done planning, I am exhausted.

My plan for the day was to go shopping. It might only take a couple of hours, but for me, that is often too much. When I get home, I often crash, and fixate on Pinterest for the rest of the day. Knowing this about myself, it is rare that I will chose to go out on a day I have something else to do, or to do something else on a day that I have to go out. It is just who I am. Good to acknowledge, I guess, since I have been unsuccessful in all attempts to change it.

However, while I was downtown, my husband picked up a box of peaches from his work ($3 instead of the $13 they sell it for in stores) and put it in the van. I knew I would have to preserve them somehow, as there were way too many for the three of us. Canning wasn’t an option. I hadn’t the equipment, or knowledge on how to do it. I could dehydrate them, but then I would be the only one who would eat them. So freezing was the way to go.


True, I didn’t know how to freeze peaches, but I searched it online and it seemed easy enough. Suddenly… “well, if I am going to be in the kitchen anyway…” I went out to my garden, and brought in a large bowlful of kale. Another accidental plant! I planted the seeds in a pot last year, which didn’t do great. I emptied that pot into a raised garden for the soil last spring, and now I have a lot of nice looking kale – which I have mostly been ignoring until now.

So the peaches were washed, sliced, dipped in lemon water, and spread on prepared freezer trays. The kale was soaked in water with apple cider vinegar to clean it, torn into pieces, lightly coated in a mixture of oil, salt, and nutritional yeast, and baked in the oven for 10 minutes.

It doesn’t seem like much, but there were a lot of peaches, even given the fact that I kept 20 aside for eating fresh. That, and I don’t usually multitask well. In this case, I think I did okay. I had 10 minutes between batches of kale to work with the peaches, before having to prepare another batch (I think I had three or four batches of kale.)

After all of this, I decided to make peach crisp for dessert with a few of the peaches. So I worked on that as well.

For four hours I was in that kitchen, on a hot day, with the oven on. Four hours! And I thought, “barefoot and in the kitchen…” and laughed. It was meant to be a derogatory saying, but I always wondered why – especially as a child. What is wrong with being barefoot and in the kitchen? I know I am missing part of that saying – but being pregnant is a difficult thought for me, since I can’t, and would love to be…


Anyway, I really enjoyed my afternoon of working in the kitchen. How can someone be upset about doing something they are supposed to do, and capable of, and… okay… here is where I struggle to put myself in other people’s shoes. I am not a great cook. Not that I hate it, but I definitely prefer fruits and vegetables (and baking, but that is bad for my weight, and many other things with my gluten intolerance) to meat (yuck!) and that is what my husband and son would have me make. Plus if there is someone else even close to the kitchen, I cringe – and then proceed to drop things, and make a lot of mistakes, and become defensive, and…

But yesterday, on my own, working in the kitchen, I felt I accomplished a great deal – and that made me feel really, really good! And despite what so many people believe, those kale chips were so delicious I struggled to stop eating them (and people call me picky!) Good as bacon. Better maybe. Yes – I am serious!


I had a great afternoon! And then I crashed – bad… but at least the day was good.

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One response to “Autism: Barefoot in the Kitchen

  1. kazst

    September 10, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    I’m glad you had a good day!

    I too become clumsy when there is someone in the kitchen with me. This has caused misunderstandings and hard feelings with certain people when I have refused their help in the kitchen.

    I eat 3 cups of kale every day in smoothies but I have never tried making kale chips. I will try it sometime. I’m sure I would like them!

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