Autism: A Job Like That

21 Sep

The button pusher in Lost. I could do a job like that. I would be so good at it!


Every 108 minutes, type those numbers into the computer, and press “Enter.” Save the world.

I would love a job like that!

Because 4+8+15+16+23+42 = 108, so press the button every 108 minutes. Perfect! Got it! I could so do that job!

August Vacation 2016 004

I would love to live in a place like the hatch. Okay, I like nature, and I like being outside… but as long as it feels like outside, I could live with that.

  • Bright lighting.
  • Healthy, living plants.
  • My dog and cats.
  • Some fish in a tank.
  • A pretty wall mural – or a screen with nature scenes and sounds.
  • Nice smelling candles.
  • A camper style dining set with a realistic outdoors picture on the other side (maybe one that changes at different times of the day, or different seasons) and appropriate lighting.
  • An exercise bike and re-bounder.
  • Music – a machine that will play mostly classical music, or instrumental Celtic, and sometimes other things.
  • A large, built in bed, with bookshelves on the end, and maybe another window with outdoorsy pictures and good lighting (maybe on a dimmer switch, so I could change it for the time of day.)
  • Things to learn, like school type books and games.
  • Things to do, like crafts, and cards and things.
  • A huge pantry filled with foods that I could eat, like jars of canned fruits and vegetables, dried grains and things. (But no Kraft dinner, mushrooms, or gross foods like that.)
  • Maybe a circular type hallway for walking – filled with cedar shavings, and indoor trees, and a bench with a raised flower garden to sit in. It wouldn’t have to be big – just nice.

And my job would be to save the world. Every 108 minutes, press the numbers into the computer, and press enter. 4-8-15-16-23-42.

I could live like that forever. So cozy. So safe. Even if it wasn’t safe, it would feel safe, and I would love that. I wouldn’t have to go out. I wouldn’t have to visit. I couldn’t leave – but I wouldn’t feel trapped. It would be so, so beautiful!

Why can’t I find a job like that?


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