Autism: Frustrating Technology

21 Nov

In the last week or so my computer has been acting up. It randomly freezes to a blank blue or gray screen, and then I can’t do anything with it. I have to shut it down with the power button – which likely exasperates the problem.


It isn’t even like I am using a lot of power or anything. It often shuts down when I am doing something like entering my password to get to the desktop, or reading my email. Sometimes I am not even doing that much. Yesterday it happened several times in a row before the icons saying that my internet was ready had come up. I was just waiting.

Other times I can be doing many things at once – playing Facebook games, while loading a movie, while looking through Pinterest, while I have my written blog open on Open Office waiting to be scheduled – and the computer runs just fine. Still it has happened several times a day for about a week. My son says it is likely a hardware problem – the graphics card or motherboard – and I have to replace my computer. It is incredibly frustrating.

Today I had a bit of trouble, but it had been running well for the afternoon. I decided to write my blog, and was on Open Office just about finished when, “blip,” the screen went gray “No!” I cried. I mean, the thoughts just flow as I am writing. It isn’t as if I could remember what was there. Sure, I remember the topic, but I couldn’t possibly word it the same – and I thought I was writing particularly well today.

I fully intended (because this happened a few days ago, though I had only written a paragraph then) to save it every paragraph or so. Once I get into my writing zone, however, all other thoughts go out of my mind, and I just write. So I prayed it had an automatic save feature and would still be there when I recovered it. Of course, it wasn’t.

So now I have turned to paper and pencil (because pens run out of ink, and I can’t deal with more frustration at the moment) as I should have been doing since this began. If this happens again when I am transferring it to my blog, at least I will still have the words.

Technology is not my friend!

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