2 responses to “Autism: Being Me

  1. Autism; Interrupted

    June 12, 2017 at 9:30 am

    Thank you! I feel validated. Thank you.

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  2. Astrid

    June 12, 2017 at 11:43 am

    You validate me too. I have been on disability since age eighteen because of a more Obvious disability (blindness), but I was always pushed, particularly by my family, to go to college/university and then find a job. At 21, two months into unversity, I crashed and had to be admitted to the mental hospital. This was in late 2007. The psychiatrist who admitted me, understood I needed not just a break but to find a new living situation (I lived independently at the time) and day activities. Yet until I married my husband, each phone call from my parents they’d ask “so when are you going to find a job?”. Then once I was married, there was the pushing from everyone that I go live with my husband, which would be living mostly independently again. I was discharged from the mental institution into my husband’s home last month, but thankfully with some support and day activities. I am so glad for the supports I do have, both professional and from my husband and in-laws. I do day activities at a place for people with intellectual disabilities, even though I’m not intellectually disabled. However, I like it here. I know my parents disapprove of this, but I at least try not to care. Your post helps me a little along the way.

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