Awkward Teenage Crows

19 Jul

It seems like just yesterday when we were being banished to the other end of the yard because the parents didn’t want us too close to their precious baby. Such squawking! After a short time, we realize the issue – it was time for the babies to learn to fly, and they weren’t able to get so high. Without a direct comparison, it was hard to tell the ‘baby’ from the adult, and therefore we would get too close (while doing our own thing, not thinking of them at all) and would get yelled at.


And just like that, the parents were gone.

What brought us to that knowledge was a series of loud crashing going on in the trees.

“What are they doing?” My mom and I asked each other.

And then we realized: They were trying to land, and not doing it too well.

Awkward ‘teenage’ crows!

They were so much fun to watch!

Travelling for a couple of weeks in a group of five (not from the same nest – the one from our tree joined with four others from our neighbours tree to form a… ‘murder’ of crows, I guess it is called) they were so obviously thrilled with their new flying skills, we could have watched them for hours (had the eagles not come out looking for an easy snack in my girls.)

They hadn’t quite gotten their flight patterns down, and kept nearly flying into each other. Landings were even harder, and that was the source of the crashing, and the broken branches that were the first give-away that these weren’t the adult crows. These were the ‘babies’ from just a very short time ago.

At one point, one of these ‘teens’ landed on our fence post. Another landed on the stucco wire fence beside it, but couldn’t get its balance. It kept tilting back and forth like a child on the spring toys at the park. So funny!

Then the five went to explore a pile of logs on a driveway across the street. They kept slipping off the logs, too, so moved to the retaining wall and rocks behind. One decided to jump in the bushes lining the driveway, but the branches couldn’t hold it, so it kept falling out. It gave up after a few tries.

They were also just trying out their new voices, so there were all kinds of sounds coming out of the trees for a few days.

I have never noticed them during this stage before, and it was quite amusing to see them so awkward, yet thrilled just to be alive. So much fun!


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