Crows and Eagles

21 Jul

Speaking of crows, we are really missing the adults around here.

Now I know that crows aren’t the nicest, or the friendliest birds to have around. I even heard they eat the eggs of song birds. Sad. Yet for years, we have been thankful for the benefits having the crows around serves. Namely: Eagles.

Yep. Eagles. Beautiful, majestic birds that live in the pine trees, beside the lake, just down the street from us.


“Lucky!” People have told me as I was walking along the path by our house. “Lucky that you get to live here, and see them.”

Yes. Lucky. Beautiful. I will admit, I love to watch them, except…

I have small animals. Twelve years ago we got our first rabbit, and eleven years ago, we allowed him to have the yard as a playground. He loved it, and was all the healthier for it. After that, we were given other rabbits, and guinea pigs. Then there was our Pomeranian, and our cats, and now… now I have my babies.

My Chihuahuas are smaller than our Pom was, and even smaller than our rabbits were, and above that? The eagles seem to really be drawn to their colouring.

Clara is nearly white, and Molly is a light tan, and both last year and this, eagles have been a major fear, circling our yard (and circling me while I walk with them in my arms) several times a day for weeks, the one thing that kept the eagles from sneaking up on us unawares were the crows.

As soon as the eagles came near, the crows were after them, squawking, attacking, and driving them away. Not so great for the eagles – but really good for my pets.

This year, however, I have noticed that with the adult crows away (I guess they are on vacation – those babies seemed really stressful to raise!) the younger ones aren’t so concerned when the eagles come around – so they don’t squawk, and they don’t drive them away, and instead I have to spend much of my time outside watching the skies to ensure that nothing comes down and carries them away.

Before people (usually specialists or scientists or something) start saying eagles can’t carry a dog away, well…. several of our neighbours have lost cats to the eagles, and my girls are smaller than cats. Plus, I know they are coming here specifically for my babies since they are circling our yard watching them (or circling me watching them!)

So as I seek ways to protect my girls from the danger in the skies, I am both thankful for the many years the crows did protect my babies, and praying they return soon to keep up the good work.


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