Autism: Giant Spider

06 Sep

Last night I didn’t sleep well at all – though I tried to go sleep around the usual time.

It was after 2am before I finally got to sleep, and I was woken up at 6am with Ditch (my cat) enthusiastically digging in his litter box (we now use pine litter – which is the best I’ve found as far as litter is concerned, but it is loud when they dig at it.)

For a short time I thought it was my husband digging in the litter box until I was awake enough to be more reasonable.

It didn’t help that I got up at 12am (having not slept yet despite 2 hours of trying) when I remembered I hadn’t filled up the cats food bowls the evening before. I walked down the hall and through the kitchen in the dark in bare feet.

As I walked towards the dining room where we keep their food, I hesitated and decided to turn the light on.

There – directly in my path, just on the other side of the doorway was the biggest wolf spider I have ever seen! It was easily the size of the bottom of our tea mugs (about 6 inches in diameter) or – as my husband said when I described it to him, “the size of a mouse – we had those in Vancouver.”

It ran across the floor and hid under the edge of a cushion Clara (my dog) likes to lie on when I am doing the dishes. Curling my toes in (just in case), and keeping my eye on the spider, I slowly walked over and filled the cats’ bowls before quickly retreating back to the doorway.

There went Finn (my Siamese) nonchalantly walking within a foot of the spider as if it weren’t big enough to almost eat her!


Needless to say I was very shaken when I got back to my room – which had ‘my girls’ bouncing all over me, trying to help me calm down. It was more than two hours later before I finally got to sleep.

And the spider?

Still out there somewhere.

Of course I didn’t kill it! No, I couldn’t even consider that (and could you imagine the crunch it would make? It would traumatize me forever!)

Besides – while other spiders run away when they are disturbed, wolf spiders have a horrible habit of running straight towards you. There was no way I was taking that chance even if it meant Finn would be spending the night right next to it – besides, she doesn’t seem to mind being so close to spiders.

As for me? I am surprised I got any sleep at all!


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One response to “Autism: Giant Spider

  1. yarnandpencil

    September 6, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    Toe curling indeed! I don’t think we have that spider here in the U.K. but I do call large specimens spider mice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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