Autism: Introducing Grace

06 Nov

As predicted, the snow fell today. The first of the year. I woke up to a winter wonderland and it left me feeling… content.

Though his alarm woke us, it takes me a long time to get up (often about an hour,) and my husband had the fire going and the tea made before we even got down the hallway… ‘we’ being my girls and I.

The girls don’t like the snow. They sat in the doorway shivering before two went out running after someone on the street (they can’t actually make it there as we have a fence in the way.) Immediately they regretted their decision and came running back.

“Take us in please, mom,” they pleaded, looking as miserable as they could though they had been out less than two minutes, and the temperature was hovering around zero. They jumped in my lap as soon as I sat down, and buried themselves in the blankets.

The next few times I went out for more wood they wouldn’t even come to the door. I came in to find Clara trembling. No way was she going out there again. “Please don’t make me,” she begged. Thankfully I didn’t have to – they have their indoor pads, though I worried that my youngest wouldn’t know to use it.

We only got her 6 days ago, after all.

She is learning from the others, but she is still not quite sure – and until now she was able to get enough time outside to go there.

It is true that I didn’t need another dog. I didn’t even feel I needed the second until she got here. In fact I was quite sure in the beginning that we were okay as we were. Clara loved having me all to myself. She is my ‘baby’ and let me know rather quickly that she wanted to be treated as such – carried around, showered with love, talked to, sung to… I needed her. She wanted me.

We were doing great, and any thoughts of ever getting a second dog disappeared as I watched her lunge at every other dog that passed us. She didn’t like one of them – and she was so tiny and cute (before she started growling) that people and dogs were all drawn to her… in the beginning.

I was okay with ‘just’ Clara. But then they asked me to take her mother, too. I was sure they would back out, or find someone else, or… it took me a long time to give them an answer, and I was afraid all along. But the moment Molly came into my home I knew she was a good fit. Such a sweet, cuddly, trusting girl – and Clara? From the beginning the two have been inseparable, like twins. And Clara is so happy Molly is here that she can hardly stop licking her.

But did I really need a third?

The girls have been doing so well, I certainly didn’t feel another could possibly be a good choice, but… she was Molly’s baby, too. She was Clara’s younger sister. Most importantly, knowing my girls, I knew the other interested homes would not be a good fit for her – and their ‘owner’ knew that, too. Those families worked full time, and were away a lot, and there she would be (after being raised in a home with at least 10 other dogs around all the time, and people home constantly) alone for more than 8 hours a day.

My girls cry when I leave the room a lot of the time, and become stressed out if I go out even a couple of days in a row. It wouldn’t have been great. They offered us some incentives to take her and I fearfully agreed… and then she came. My girls accepted her right away, and right away she became another of ‘my babies,’ who bring me more joy and contentment than just about anything else in my life.

So did I need a third dog? Absolutely!

I think I will call her ‘Grace,’ for God has blessed me so much more abundantly than I deserve, and I am so thankful for her.



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One response to “Autism: Introducing Grace

  1. yarnandpencil

    November 6, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    Hello Grace, you are such a cutie xxx

    Liked by 1 person


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